When To Hire A Bail Bondsman In Oklahoma City

by | May 22, 2015 | Bail Bonds

A bonding agent evaluates all risks associated with posting bond for a defendant. They begin this process by reviewing their previous criminal history and court appearances. A defendant who has failed to appear in court on multiple occasions could be deemed too risky. For this reason, collateral of a higher value may be required.

What Does a Bond Guarantee?

A bail bond is a promise secured financially that the accused will appear in court. The individual who pays the bonding agent takes on the responsibility to the accused. They are essentially promising the court that they will make sure this individual arrives on time as directed by the court.

How Does This Work?

This individual is required to offer property as collateral for the bond. This property could be residential or commercial. They must possess a clear title for the property. A Bail Bondsman in Oklahoma City area won’t accept collateral that has an existing lien.

After the defendant appears in court, all interests in this property are eliminated. If the title was given to the bondsman as collateral, he or she returns it to the owner. However, if the defendant fails to appear, the bondsman has the legal right to take action to seize the property. If this is the case, you should contact a Bail Bondsman in Oklahoma City to negotiate with the court.

When Bench Warrants are Issued

In all cases in which a failure to appear has occurred a bench warrant is issued. If the defendant is arrested, he or she requires a new bond to gain a release from county lockup. However, the court may identify them as a flight risk and refuse bail. If the defendant isn’t secured by law enforcement, the bondsman could hire a bounty hunter to locate them.

Acquiring a bond requires the defendant or a family member to pay the Bail Bondsman a percentage of the bail. The value assigned to the defendant is determined by their charges. A previous criminal history could affect this value. Bondsman may accept a variety of payment methods to secure the required percentage. To discover more about bond requirements, contact your preferred bondsman now.

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