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Bail or Bond From a Bail Bond Agent in Glendale

For many people, the question of whether it is better to pay bail in full, themselves, or hire a bond agent is merely an academic one. That is because many times the amount of bail is so expensive that it is financially impossible for a defendant’s family or loved ones to cover the cost of bail on their own. However, sometimes bail is a more manageable amount, leaving people wondering whether to pay the full amount of the bail or to get a bond through a bail bond agent in Glendale.

Is the Bail Manageable?
The first question to ask is whether bail is a manageable amount. In other words, is the bail available to the payor, in cash, at the time that it is needed? If the payor of the bail needs to use a credit card or pull money out of a long-term account, then there may be hidden costs, such as interest or pre-payment penalties, associated with using that money. Will these costs be more or less than the fee paid to a bail bondsman? To know the answer to these questions, is it important to understand bond fee structures. Find out more information about Alliance Bail Bonds it will help you in having a clear idea about bail management.

How Long Will a Defendant Need Bail?
Another question to consider is how long the defendant will be out on bail. If a defendant is facing serious charges and is preparing to go to trial, it is possible that there could be a year or more between a defendant’s release on bail and the beginning of a trial. Can the money spent on bail be tied up for a lengthy period?

Will the Defendant Appear at Trial?
If a defendant fails to appear at trial, then bail is forfeited. If there is a reason to believe the defendant is not going to appear, then paying cash bail could mean losing the entire amount of the money. Using a bail bond agent in Glendale can help minimize financial exposure because the bail bond agency will be responsible for the full amount if the defendant fails to appear. While they may require collateral to guarantee their bond, they will also take steps to try to get the defendant back into the court’s jurisdiction if the defendant fails to appear.

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