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A Busy Jail Calls for a 24-Hour Bail Bond Service in Burleson, Texas

When someone is arrested and put in jail, their family can contact a 24-hour bail bond service in Burleson, Texas to secure their relative’s release. With Burleson being a suburb of the huge city of Fort Worth, a large amount of activity is likely to be happening at the local jails no matter what time or what day it is. For this reason, bail bond agencies typically provide around-the-clock service.

Streamlining the Process

Agents who offer a 24-hour bail bond service in Burleson, Texas do what they can to streamline the process. The relative or friend who is helping the defendant fills out the application, which normally does not take more than 30 minutes. Upon approval, this individual provides the full payment or down payment with an installment agreement for the service fee.

Most people who are arrested did not know it was going to happen, but some know about their arrest warrant before the law enforcement official arrives. They have the option of turning themselves in after finding out what their bail amount would be. That allows them to complete the bonding process with an agency like Rogers’ Bail Bonds before going to the detainment facility. They might not even have to spend a moment in jail since the bond has already been posted when they get there. To start the application process, those interested can get more information on the website.

Once the bond has been posted with the court, the defendant should be released within a few hours, depending on how busy the jail officials are. Inmates can be released even if the bond was posted outside of regular business hours. That way, the defendant does not have to wait behind bars for an entire weekend or through a holiday.

Arraignment Hearings

Sometimes an arraignment hearing must be scheduled instead of the defendant being released on an amount of bail set up automatically for specific offenses. This is usually required if the allegation is for a relatively serious offense or if the person is accused of multiple offenses. The defendant can expect bail to be set higher for a violent crime.

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