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Starting A Legal Claim With An Injury Lawyer In Ottawa County

In Michigan, personal injury laws give claimants a three-year window to file a claim. If the claimant doesn’t file, they forfeit their right to compensation in the future once the statute of limitations expires. The type of injury case defines how the victim proceeds in court. An Injury Lawyer in Ottawa County helps victims start a legal claim.

Gathering All Necessary Evidence

Medical evidence is the key to substantiating the injury case. The doctor’s files show the victim’s exact injuries and how they were injured. The files should pinpoint the injuries to a specific event and show that the defendant is liable.

Reviewing All Applicable Laws

The type of injury case defines what laws apply to the case. For example, a medical malpractice case requires the claimant to show that their injuries weren’t a known risk linked to the medical procedure. For a dog bite case, the claimant must show that they didn’t provoke the animal or break the law before their injury.

Deposing All Witnesses

The attorneys depose the witnesses and determine if their testimony supports the victim’s claim. The information shows how the defendant caused the victim’s injuries. The purpose of the depositions is to build a viable case against the defendant and collect compensation. Witnesses must substantiate the victim’s allegations against the defendant. They must explain what they saw and how it led to injuries.

Presenting the Case in Court

The attorney presents the case to the court and explains the victim’s side to the judge. All medical records are presented to the court, and the victim’s doctor or a medical witness testifies. The exact event that caused the injuries is explained, and the doctor shows how the injuries impacted the victim’s life.

In Michigan, personal injury laws dictate what a victim can do to collect compensation. Typically, an insurance claim is filed to collect a financial settlement for the claimant. If insurance isn’t available, the claimant could start a legal claim in court. Claimants who need advice or are ready to start a lawsuit contact an Injury Lawyer in Ottawa County through Bleakley Law Offices P C or visit their Facebook page today.

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