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What To Expect When Getting A Jail Surety Bond In Tyler, TX

In Texas, bail bonds are a more affordable way of being released from jail. The bonds are the best option when a defendant cannot pay the full bail amount. A local bonding agent offers a Jail Surety Bond in Tyler TX.

Present the Appropriate Information

To be released from jail, the defendant’s representative provides the bonding agent with the defendant’s full name, booking number, and the name of the jail where the defendant is being held. The details make it easier for the bonding agent to find the defendant and coordinate his or her release.

Defining the Cost of the Bond

The cost of the bond depends on the percentage charges by the bonding agent. The percentage won’t exceed fourteen percentĀ or present an excessively high cost. Once the defendant has been arraigned, the judge sets their bail amount. The cost of the bail bond is the assigned percentage of the total bail amount.

Choosing Collateral When Money isn’t Available

Collateral is allowed when the defendant doesn’t have enough cash on hand but has assets that exceed the bail amount. The collateral is surrendered to the bail bondsman until the defendant completes the requirements appropriately and arrives at court on time. Real estate, automobiles, jewelry, and financial accounts offer adequate collateral for the bail bond. An appraisal defines the exact value of the asset.

What to Expect After Getting Released from Jail

After the defendant is released from jail, the correctional officers explain all provisions of their release. The terms define what violations could result in the defendant being rearrested. For example, contact with the victim after a domestic violence charge leads to more charges. Any violation of the terms of the release results in a revocation of the bond.

In Texas, bail bonds help defendants get out of jail and remain home until their trial. The process requires the defendant’s representative to collect important details and give them to the bonding agent. A percentage of the bail amount is paid to obtain the bond and have the defendant released from jail. Criminal defendants who want to learn more about getting a Jail Surety Bond in Tyler TX can contact Strike Three Bonds for more information now. You can also visit them on Facebook for more information.

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