Understanding the Work of a Bondsman in Oklahoma City

by | Jul 24, 2015 | Bail Bonds

Being arrested is not something most people look forward to experiencing. The idea of having to sit in a cell waiting for a court date holds even less appeal. One way to make the situation easier to deal with is to seek the services of a Bondsman in Oklahoma City area. Here are some things that clients need to know about how bondsmen work.

Available Around the Clock

A Bondsman in Oklahoma City does not provide help for clients during standard business hours only. Many are on call around the clock. This means if the event that led to the arrest takes place late at night, it is possible to call the bondsman and seek help. The sooner that a bondsman is on the case, the sooner it will be before the client will be released and able to remain free until the scheduled court date.

Providing the Bond

In order for the bondsman to obtain the freedom of the client, it is necessary to attend a hearing. At that hearing, the judge will review the circumstances of the case and set the bail amount. Once it is set, the bonding professional will provide the pledge needed to secure the release of the client. In many cases, this can be managed in a matter of hours.

In exchange for this service, the agent will require a fee. That fee may be a fixed amount or represent a percentage of the bail amount. Keep in mind that the fee is not refundable, since is it payment for a service rendered. This is true even if the client is later cleared of all the charges.

Making Sure the Client Appears in Court

Since the agent has made a pledge to the court that the client will appear on the appointed date, expect the agent to follow up as the date nears. Some will take the time to visit the court and make sure the client has arrived. Failure to appear is a serious offense and the agent may take steps to locate the client and escort the individual to the nearest police station.

Remember that a Bondsman can be a great help during a difficult situation. Honor the commitment and if the need for bail arises again, the client will find that the professional is willing to provide services as needed.

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