Consulting a Motor Vehicle Accident Attorney in Tucson, AZ After a Collision Caused by Bugs

by | Jan 15, 2018 | Accident Attorneys

It’s unclear how many vehicle accidents are caused by insects or other bugs. Of course, those incidents are actually caused by the driver’s reaction to the bugs hitting the car, but the driver may very well blame the entire episode on a wasp, spider, or other critters. Sometimes, a motor vehicle accident attorney in Tucson, AZ is necessary to negotiate a reasonable settlement with that driver’s insurance company.

Distracted Driving

Causing an accident while reacting to a spider or other bug is categorized as distracted driving. Whether it’s a spider that drops down from a sun visor or a hornet that starts flying around the windshield, the driver must act rationally. Even a poisonous spider is generally safer than trying to kill a bug while traveling at highway speed in heavy traffic.

Insect Swarms

In some cases, the fault for an accident may be disputed. For instance, swarms of insects on roads can interfere with visibility. When two vehicles collide with each other and both have windshields covered in Crane flies or bees, police officers may not be able to determine which driver is technically responsible. There may actually be no one to blame. In that situation, a motor vehicle accident attorney in Tucson, AZ can still work with a client to make sure compensation is paid by their own automotive insurer.


Bee swarms usually land in trees, but they do travel from place to place in search of a new home. Occasional bee swarms affect the Tucson area, making the TV news as broadcasters warn residents of specific neighborhoods. They can quickly cause mass confusion on a highway, especially for people who drive with the windows rolled down.

Crane Flies

Crane flies aren’t as nerve-wracking as bees, even though they look like two-inch-long mosquitoes. Nevertheless, they can quickly create an insect-style fog in traffic as thousands of them fly across a highway.

Consulting a Lawyer

These accident cases can be complicated legally. An individual who cannot make headway with an insurance company may want to contact an organization such as Price & Price Law for a free consultation. Information on this particular firm can be found at visit us website.

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