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You Need Your Own Divorce Attorney in Thiensville, WI

If you are getting divorced or separated, you need to have your own divorce attorney. Some people, especially those who are in a fairly amicable divorce, choose to have one lawyer. Others choose to forego a lawyer and settle in arbitration. Both of these choices are inadvisable. It’s inadvisable to share a lawyer or choose arbitration because the lawyers will not have your interests at heart. A shared lawyer or an arbiter is only interested in getting a deal. They want it to end as quickly as possible. They’ll likely move towards splitting possessions down the middle or some other compromise. You want someone who is wholly on your side.

Someone on Your Side

When you hire a divorce attorney in Thiensville, WI, you know that you will have someone completely on your side. The lawyer you hire will work for you, represent you, and pursue your best interests. If you want a different deal than your spouse wants, your lawyer will work towards that deal regardless of what the other party wants. A neutral arbiter would not do that.
Also, it’s important to find an attorney of your own in case the divorce or separation does not remain amicable. The lawyers at Domain will tell you that even the most friendly divorces can turn acrimonious quickly. If that happens, you’ll be happy that you have an attorney on your side.

Someone Available

A divorce attorney of your own is a great choice also because he or she will always be available. He or she will be pursuing your interests and thus will be only a phone call away. You will be able to call him or her and discuss anything you want with them because you know that he or she doesn’t have any other motivations in this case. A good attorney is a legal representative but also a receptive person to listen. View website to hire a divorce attorney in Thiensville, WI.

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