A Real Estate Attorney In Walker MN Can Ensure A Safe House Purchase

by | Oct 13, 2014 | Lawyers

A residential real estate attorney will perform many tasks for your successful home purchase. He will review your purchase contract before you sign it. This is especially recommended for people who are not accustomed to the purchase of real estate. The attorney will also work with your mortgage loan officer to be sure that you are getting the terms you were promised. It is a good idea to have the attorney review the mortgage document before the closing. If the home seller’s attorney is involved, then your attorney will work with him. He will make sure that the correct dates are set for attorney approval, mortgage commitment date, the home inspection, and other contingencies.

The Real Estate Attorney in Walker MN will check for liens on the property and any proposed construction nearby which may interfere with the enjoyment of the home. He will also review pertinent documents which includes the deed, bills of sale legal descriptions, plat of survey, and the title and the title insurance policy.

Attorneys will be looking for fees and taxes that should be prorated. Most attorneys also review the deed before before you receive it. This ensures there are no misspelled names and other errors in the legal description of the property.

An experienced Real Estate Attorney in Walker MN can catch problems or mistakes which will save you future expenses. One recent home buyer’s attorney discovered a natural gas distribution line ran underneath the home. He advised his client to avoid the purchase. No one else would have discovered this problem. Another purchaser did not receive the disclosure of problems report, and the attorney had to force the buyer’s agent to produce it. When it was finally produced, the purchasers discovered that the foundation had sunk in an area which threatened the integrity of the structure. The agent failed to force the production of this disclosure report. The attorney voided the purchase.

Real estate attorneys know how to get the information that real estate professionals including title companies don’t know how to obtain. Attorneys work with all of the government agencies and they will get help you cannot get by yourself. It is a good idea to have the agent present at the closing to ensure there are no surprises. One more look at key documents will leave you feeling safe with your purchase. Visit Brainerd Minnesota Law Firm.

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