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Hiring A Lawyer In Bethlehem To Adopt A Child

In Pennsylvania, prospective parents who wish to adopt should consult an attorney to ensure that they are navigating through the proper channels. First they must file a petition through court to notify the birth parent of the impending adoption. In these cases, it is necessary to end the birth parent’s rights to the child to prevent future issues. If you wish to adopt a child today, you should contact a Lawyer Bethlehem by visiting today.

Adopting a Child in Pennsylvania

When you file a petition for adoption, you must ensure that the parental rights of the birth parent are abolished. If you are working with an adoption agency, you could file this petition on the grounds of abandonment. However, if you are filing a petition to acquire guardianship from a family member, you must present clear evidence that shows the grounds in which you are filing the petition without doubt.

If the birth parent has been sentenced to prison for an extensive period of time, this is grounds for adoption. When the crime in which they were convicted classifies as a dangerous infraction, you may not face as many difficulties in proving them unfit. Proving a parent unfit in court indicates that they are unable to care for the child or are placing the child in a dangerous environment.

Investigating Allegations of Risks

Birth parents who are a risk to the child could have a history of violent behavior, drug or alcohol addiction, or participate in criminal activities in which the child was present. A court will launch an investigation at any time that allegations are presented to a social worker. This could take a substantial amount of time. During the course of the investigation, the child is placed in the care of the petitioner temporarily.

You can file a petition in court to become the legal guardian of a child who lives in an orphange or who is at risk due to the birth parent’s lifestyle. If you are attempting to end the birth parent’s rights to the child, you must provide the court with evidence of your claim. If you wish to learn more about adoption laws, you should contact a Lawyer Bethlehem promptly.



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