A Bail Bonding Company in Upper Marlboro, MD Helps Defendants Prevent Disastrous Consequences

by | Feb 28, 2019 | Bail Bonds

Many people are in jail right now only because they are too poor to pay bail. In states that don’t allow bail bonds agencies to do business, men and women without the money for cash bail have no way to get out. A Bail Bonding Company in Upper Marlboro MD helps clients regain their freedom, and Maryland licenses these agencies.

Bail Reform Advocates and Detractors

Bail reform advocates say that eliminating cash bail entirely should be considered. Law enforcement officials, prosecuting attorneys, and judges worry that there is not enough incentive for many defendants to stick around without refundable bail. Yet a bail bonding company in Upper Marlboro MD stays very busy helping people who can’t afford bail even though the bond fees are nonrefundable.

An Example of Bail Reform

Washington DC is presented as an example of success. There, cash bail has been eliminated, yet a full 90 percent of defendants released without bail appear for their court dates. For the rest, an arrest warrant is issued and the defendants are returned to jail.

Disastrous Consequences

Without the ability to regain freedom, disastrous consequences can happen. Imagine a single parent living paycheck to paycheck, now arrested for a nonviolent offense and unable to pay bail or obtain a bond. The children immediately must be sent to live with a relative or enter the foster care system. Within a week, it’s possible this person could lose a full-time job. After the end of the month, if rent goes unpaid, an eviction notice arrives.

One of the worst situations in recent history involved a young man who had been jailed for three years in New York City’s Riker’s Island without being convicted of a crime. He had only been accused of stealing a backpack. He was finally released when the case was dropped, but two years later, committed suicide.

Compassionate Service

Representatives of an organization like Pantazes Bail Bonds Agency believe U.S. citizens have the right to freedom if they have not yet been proven guilty or pleaded guilty. People who need help will receive compassionate service from the representatives. Schedule an appointment to get started.

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