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Working Out a Legal Settlement to Cover Accident-Related Punitive Damages

When you have been hurt at work, it can be some time before you can come back to your job. In fact, if the injury caused lasting and disabling damage, then you may not be able to go back to earning a living at all. You cannot live the rest of your life with no way to support yourself or your family. You deserve to be fairly compensated according to the personal injury laws in your state. By hiring a work injury lawyer in Illinois, you can work out a legal settlement with your employer that will take care of your punitive and financial damages.

Seeking Compensation for Your Medical Expenses

When you hire a work injury lawyer in Illinois, you can pursue compensation for any money that you have spent on medical bills after the accident. In the first few days or weeks after the incident, your health insurance may have been billed for your medical care and prescriptions. According to the law, however, your employer’s insurance should have picked up the tab for your expenses.

Your lawyer can pursue a settlement from the company to cover the money that you and your insurer have already paid out. You can get money back that you did not have to pay for your own medical costs.

Covering Your Punitive Damages

The settlement that your lawyer works out can also cover punitive damages that you suffered. Your physical, mental and emotional suffering is worth something under the state’s law. Your employer could be compelled to compensate you for the toll that the accident has had on your mental, emotional and physical well-being.

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