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The Process of Working with Bail Bond Agents in Schenectady, NY

Many people are familiar with bail bonds agencies, either by personal experience or seeing them advertise on the television or the Internet. These agencies are known for coming to the aid of defendants when they need to get out of jail but cannot afford the full bail money that the judge sets. Bail bond agents in Schenectady NY will help defendants who are trying to avoid jail or get out of jail, but the defendants need to understand the process. Here are some things defendants should understand about the bail bonds process.

Understanding the Bail Bonds Process

When defendants talk to a bail bonds agency to get free from jail, the agency will require a fee of 10 percent or 15 percent, that is, 10 for the misdemeanor, and 15 for the felony. On top of that, the defendants will have to supply collateral to ensure the agency that it will get all of its money back, in case the defendants jump bail. Collateral that can be used include boats, real estate property, bonds, stocks, expensive jewelry, homes, and expensive electronics.

More about the Bail Bonds Process

When the defendants are allowed to go free, they still must show up to all the scheduled court hearings or else they will be charged with jumping or skipping bail. This will put the collateral in jeopardy of being kept by the agency in order for the agency to get its money. This will be devastating if someone else other than the defendant posted the bail. If the defendants show up to court as scheduled, the collateral will be released and returned to whoever posted it, regardless to the verdict for the defendant.

Getting a Bail Bonds Agent When Needed

Bail bonds agencies are always ready to offer assistance to those defendants who are trying to get out of jail. Business Name is a bail bonds agency that supplies services to defendants and others in need. If a person wants to talk things over with bail bond agents in Schenectady NY, the agency is available. The team members at the agency invite interested parties to learn more.

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