Why You Can Get Personal Injury Compensation for a Hawaii Car Accident

by | Mar 27, 2020 | Accident Attorneys

You might be eligible for personal injury compensation in Hawaii, even if you’ve already called your insurance company and filed a claim. A personal injury settlement is a separate benefit that you may get if:

You Were Injured in an Accident

The first qualification for a personal injury case is that you must be a victim who experienced an injury because of a car accident. An injury lawyer in Hawaii might be able to help you if that’s the case.

The Accident was Someone Else’s Fault

The next qualifying factor is that your injury must have been someone else’s fault. Hawaii is a state that uses a percentage of fault for personal injury compensation. That means you still might be able to win a settlement if you were less than 50 percent at fault for the accident.

The Other Party was Neglectful

An injury lawyer in Hawaii might be able to help you if the other party in the incident was neglectful. Various circumstances can render the other party neglectful. For instance, a drunken or distracted driver is always considered negligent, because he or she wasn’t paying attention to the surroundings. Therefore, he or she was not committing acts that benefited the well-being of other people. Manufacturers can also be held accountable for an accident if they don’t notify consumers of potential dangers and recall situations.

It’s wise to speak to an attorney about your case to see if you can get help with your injury.

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