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What can a Social Security Law Office do for me?

Going up against the Social Security Administration can be very intimidating. In the legal world, there are two cardinal rules concerning representation. The first rule is simple – hire an attorney. For the second rule – the earlier, the better. If you live anywhere near Atlantic County, then you need a lawyer who knows the local rules. Look no further than an Atlantic County Disability Law Firm.

Let’s go over these two rules. The first one says you need to hire an attorney. Why? What can the Social Security law office do for you? Well for one, they know who you’re up against. They know all the dirty, underhanded tricks of the trade to keep you protected. They can significantly increase your chances of winning your case. You may think you have a surefire case that’s guaranteed to win, but going up against the Social Security Administration is like going up against an insurance company. The SSA has better lawyers, better legal counsel, had more resources than the average person. They also have more experience. Statistically speaking, the Social Security Administration is much more likely to approve a case with one that has legal counsel than one who does not.

Attorneys are master communicators. They know how to communicate your case to judges, other lawyers, and ultimately the people who are going to decide your case in such a way that is favorable to you. They know the legal jargon, legal processes, and they know how to circumvent the local court system. It’s like a card game. Keep your cards close your chest – and your lawyer knows exactly how to do that.

The second rule says the earlier you call a lawyer, the better. Your lawyer is like an orchestra conductor. They know how to move the pieces around the board and prepare your case to win. If you’re worried about cost, don’t be. Federal regulations say your lawyer can only collect one of two different fees from you – 25% of your backpay, or $6000 – whichever is less. On top of that, they can only collect if they win. Generally, your backpay is more than $6000 which means the most your lawyer can collect is $6000. The best way for your lawyer to get a handle on your case so that he can start moving the pieces and getting ducks lined up in a row for you is to call him early on. If nothing else, call for a free consultation before you do anything.

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