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Top Personal Injury Attorneys in Jersey City: Who They Are and How to Find Them

It seems as though the Jersey City market is flooded with lawyers. With the biggest firms vying for your business with radio and television ads, billboards, and print marketing it can seem like a buyer’s market. Don’t let the overwhelming number of lawyers in the market prevent you from taking a careful, measured approach when you decide to file a suit. When choosing a personal injury attorney, you want to make sure that you choose the top attorney for your particular type of personal injury case. When choosing attorneys, there are a couple of major factors to consider.

The Nature of Your Case

This may seem like common sense, but many people don’t realize that attorneys at law have specialties in much the same way that doctors do. Your average person knows not to go to a corporate lawyer with a personal injury suit, but knowing the difference between workplace injury attorneys and personal injury attorneys is less common. Knowing the nature of your case can save you several hours of time and lots of leg work in the form of endless consultations with the wrong attorneys. So how do you determine whether your case is a personal injury case? Personal Injury (also known as TORT) is based on two things: liability and damage. To put it simply, if the actions of someone other than you result in you being injured, then you have a personal injury case. In the US, the majority of TORT cases involve motor vehicle accidents, but they aren’t limited to them. If you think that your case meets these requirements, then the next step would be to find personal injury attorneys in Jersey City.

What the Attorney Offers

If you are injured to the point where you cannot work or have incurred large medical bills, money may be a factor in deciding which attorney’s office to choose. Once you have a list of qualified lawyers for your case in your city, it is best to find out what their fees will be. For instance, will they offer a free consultation with a lawyer? Some offices will pre-screen you but won’t actually have you speak to an attorney for free. Find out before you go what to expect from your free consultation. The biggest expense you will face is up-front costs. Can the attorney take your case on a contingency basis? This means they collect their earnings with the resolution of your case. This way, you can focus on living expenses while your case works its way through the system.

Ultimately, even the best personal injury attorneys can only benefit you if they understand your case and your needs. Make sure to choose an attorney with whom you can develop a working relationship, and you will be sure to win, no matter what the outcome of your suit. For more information visit Bagolie Friedman Injury Lawyers.

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