What Are The Common Defenses Used By An Auto Accident Defense Lawyer?

by | Apr 6, 2016 | Accident Attorneys

When a car accident results in serious injuries and damages, the one who is deemed responsible begins being placed under pressure to pay up. Unfortunately, this can cause a person’s insurance to go up exponentially and can even cause them to be forced to pay for some of the damages out of their own pocket. It is crucial people are proactive and seek legal help right away, so they do not experience any problems. With this information, people can learn more about the common defenses that are used in defending accident cases with an Auto Accident Defense Lawyer.

These defenses are common in auto accident cases:

The statute of limitations is a common defense in auto accident cases. If a plaintiff takes too long to file their injury claim, they could end up running out of time. The statute of limitations is different in every state so it is crucial people work with a lawyer to make sure this will not be a factor in their case.

Comparative damage is another type of defense that can be used by the Auto Accident Defense Lawyer. In this type of defense, each person involved in the accident receives a percentage of fault. If a lawyer can prove other drivers in the accident were at fault, this can cut down on the amount a single driver will be forced to pay in compensation.

Contributory negligence is also a viable defense in some auto accident cases. If the injured victim contributed in any way to cause the accident, they might not be able to file a lawsuit against any other driver involved in the accident. Not all states have adopted contributory negligence laws so working with a lawyer can be beneficial in knowing if this will be a helpful defense.

When one is fighting a lawsuit because of an accident they may have caused, having legal help is crucial. If you are in need of a lawyer to help you with your case, contact the law office of Edwards & Bullard Law. They will be happy to help you make a decision on which defense will bring your case a better outcome.

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