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The Three Major Benefits of Working With an Attorney Who Has Child Support Legal Expertise

The simple truth is that, in today’s world, raising children can be very expensive. For this reason, couples who decide that bringing their children up in separate households is a good idea often need help with making sure that child has the resources they need to live a healthy and successful life. In theory, this should be easy since non-custodial parents should want to do whatever is right for the child even if that means providing significant financial support. However, child support implementation and enforcement doesn’t always go this smoothly. When that becomes the case, it may be time for a parent to look into hiring an attorney with child support legal expertise. Here’s how a lawyer can help parents with child support issues:

* Child support payment calculations are often based on a number of factors, some of which can include the income of both parents, the child’s needs (including things like health insurance, educational and travel expenses, and even entertainment), and the type of custodial agreement the parents have. An attorney with child support legal expertise can help parents understand what they can expect to receive based on their unique situation. They can also explain their options for appeal if they feel that what they are being granted is not enough.

* Many parents are not aware that making modifications to a child custody or support decree will require permission from the court. In addition, this permission is only granted under certain circumstances. Having help from an experienced child custody attorney means having someone there to answer questions about whether or not a modification request is likely to be granted and help draft and submit a request that has a high chance of approval.

* If something goes wrong and the non-custodial parent does not make payments as promised, a qualified attorney can help explain the legal options that the custodial parent has and help them decide what the next steps should be. Once a viable course of action is decided upon, a child custody lawyer can assist with facilitating the enforcement of the child support payments.

When child support issues arise, hiring an attorney right away can help parents save a great deal of time and frustration trying to straighten out the situation themselves. Visit to discover how a child support attorney can help parents navigate the legal process and ensure that their child is set up for success.

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