Consult a Divorce Attorney in Poulsbo WA About Collaborative Divorce Before Planning for a Trial

by | Aug 3, 2015 | Lawyers Site

Although couples usually get divorced because they no longer get along with each other well enough to stay married, it is possible to end a marriage civilly. Collaborative divorce allows couples to have more control over their divorce than they would get by using the traditional court process. Both spouses have to agree to work out their issues without court intervention for this type of divorce to work. In many cases, families are better able to deal with each other later.

The first step is for both spouses to hire attorneys who are trained in collaborative divorce. They can each expect their Divorce Attorney in Poulsbo WA to explain their property and custody rights as well as their responsibilities. It is essential for clients to be honest. Since the court is not involved, clients need to disclose all of their assets and tell the truth about issues related to their children.

Because the couple will spend a lot of time talking and compromising regarding their property and children, those who go through collaborative divorce are often able to get along better afterward. This type of divorce tends to be better for families with young children since the parents will have to see and talk to each other a lot in order to effectively raise their kids.

While collaborative divorce is great for many couples, there are some cases where traditional divorce is preferable. In marriages where there was violence or if one of the spouses might be hiding assets, the case might be handled better in court. A trial might also be a better option for couples who, for some reason, refuse to sit in the same room together to work out how to divide their assets. The family courts are more equipped to handle these types of situations. Collaborative divorce is not adversarial. If the Divorce Attorney in Poulsbo Wa finds their client is not willing to work collaboratively to settle their assets, the attorney might step aside and allow the case to go to trial. While a harmonious divorce may be less expensive than a trial, it certainly isn’t beneficial in all cases.

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