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The Role Of A Work Injury Attorney

All businesses in Long Beach and throughout the state of California with one or more employees must be enrolled in the Workers’ Compensation program. This provides insurance coverage for employees hurt or injured on the job, or for specific diseases and mental health issues that are job-related.

When employees are injured, they often assume that filing a workers’ comp claim is all that is required to be compensated for their medical expenses and lost wages. While in some cases this is all that is needed, it is not uncommon for the Long Beach employer and the insurance carrier to deny a claim for any one of a number of different reasons.

A work injury attorney with expertise in working with the Workers’ Compensation system is invaluable in these situations. The attorney can review the denial and assist the employee in providing the necessary documents to prove their case. In some denials, all that is required is additional supporting medical documentation, while in other cases, there may be more aggressive appeals processes required.

Representing the Employee in Appeals

There are different levels of appeals in the Workers’ Compensation appeal process. Your work injury attorney represents you at each of these steps or stages, including at an administrative law hearing or through the Workers’ Compensation Appeals Board.

There are specific filing deadlines to consider for any step in the appeals process. The work injury attorney ensures all filings are submitted within these deadlines, and also prepares and provides all required documentation and information.

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