3 Reasons Why You May Need to Hire A Probate Lawyer in Naples FL

by | Dec 25, 2019 | Attorney

Having a loved one pass can be one of the most devasting things that you may ever have to face. While the grieving process can be difficult enough, sometimes dealing with the distribution of assets can be even harder. Although many times, especially if there is a will involved, the process of distributing assets can be pretty painless, there are other times when you may need to hire a probate lawyer in Naples, FL.

Court Proceedings

For most court appearances, it is is a good idea to have an attorney present to help you through the proceedings. Even if there is a will involved but the terms are unclear, you should have an attorney present to help get the matter resolved. And of course, if a will is being contested, it may result in litigation, therefore a lawyer should be retained in this case as well.

Legal Documents

If legal documents like a deed to a property are involved, this paperwork must be prepared so that the property may be distributed properly. If there is a situation where the property is to be sold, your attorney would need to draft the contract and agreement for all parties involved.

Family Conflict

One of the most unfortunate things that can take place when there is money involved is family becoming angry. Even if there is a will, there may be some people who feel slighted or even object to the will. Having a lawyer can help to make the process much easier and even take the burden of distribution off of you.

Whether you are dealing with a large estate or a single property, retaining a probate lawyer in Naples, FL, may still be a good idea. The probate process can go much smoother if you have to go to court or you just need someone to mediate the process.

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