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The More Common Reasons for Serious Pedestrian Accidents in Oahu

Alarming statistics are published regarding pedestrians being seriously injured or killed after being struck by vehicles. With more than 60,000 of these serious accidents occurring every year, traffic researchers want to know how to reduce the frequency. If the causes of pedestrian accidents in Oahu are similar to elsewhere in the nation, one frequent reason these accidents occur is drunk driving. Many incidents also happen when drivers run red lights and travel too fast in residential areas.

Busy Multi-Lane Roads

Multi-lane roads where drivers normally travel at speeds well above the residential speed limit are especially hazardous. People trying to cross the road have to consider drivers making left and right turns, and speeding up to get through a yellow light. Even when the pedestrian has the right of way, some drivers ignore this and make turns dangerously near the person on foot. All of these situations can lead to pedestrian accidents in Oahu.

Pedestrian Activity

Insurance companies may try to dispute claims by looking for evidence the pedestrian was partly to blame. Crossing a road outside of a crosswalk, crossing against a red light and walking on a crosswalk while looking at a cell phone are examples of reasons the adjusters may cite.

Nighttime Incidents

Most of these incidents happen at night. The person may have been walking along a street that doesn’t have sidewalks or one that doesn’t have enough street lights. Wearing dark clothing while walking at night makes the activity even more hazardous, as these individuals are very hard to see by those behind the wheel.

Alcohol as a Factor

Sadly, alcohol is not just a factor for the driver. Nearly 40% of pedestrians killed in traffic accidents each year had blood alcohol levels higher than the legal limit for driving. Obviously, walking in traffic at that level of intoxication is unsafe as well.

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