SSI Lawyers Near Bakersfield Help Clients with Complexities of the Program

by | Feb 22, 2022 | Lawyers

The federal government often begins paying Supplemental Security Income benefits when the applicants are still young adults. These individuals will probably always need financial assistance because a physical or mental disorder prevents them from working full time. Others have become disabled before working long enough to qualify for Social Security Disability Insurance. SSI lawyers near Bakersfield help with applications, appeals and benefit payment interruptions.

Understanding Supplemental Income

The program is entirely based on need and is for supplemental income only. The money is intended to pay for housing, utility bills, food, and other essentials. For that reason, the asset rules are more restrictive than for the SSDI program.

Savings Restrictions

Benefit recipients may earn money but are allowed $2,000 maximum in savings as of 2022. If they save more, the Social Security Administration questions whether they need the benefits. SSI lawyers near Bakersfield can help when the agency halts payments during an investigation. A speedy resolution is important because the situation may quickly become a hardship.

The $2,000 figure only covers resources the Administration considers countable. That excludes the person’s home and one vehicle. It also excludes personal belongings. This category covers items like jewelry, clothing, and furniture.

Access to Accounts

The Administration knows the total of each recipient’s savings and other monetary accounts because SSI applicants must allow the agency access to viewing the balances. Recipients sometimes are under the misconception they are allowed $2,000 in each account or that checking accounts are excluded.

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