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Handling Claim Disputes for Workers Compensation Benefits in Lockport

Employees who have been seriously injured at work may need several months off. If the employer or the insurance company disputes the claim for workers compensation in Lockport, this can cause substantial hardship with the person’s income halted. Dealing with the system should not be an additional burden. Lawyers who represent people in this situation are ready to help.

About Workers Comp

The benefits are paid out weekly until the person can return to the job. They function as temporary disability payments for lost wages. Workers comp also pays for all related medical care, such as hospitalization, diagnostics and surgery.

Fraud Prevention

The injured person may believe the dispute is entirely unfair. Nevertheless, something in the claim caused skepticism either with the employer or the insurance company responsible for paying benefits.

Insurance adjusters are always on the alert for potential fraud, even though the percentage of those attempts is actually quite low. Employers may see their workers comp premiums rise after someone makes a claim that will pay out a substantial amount of money.


Many workplace incidents can cause serious injury. Nearly all should qualify for workers comp benefits. Laws covering workers compensation in Lockport state that lost wages and medical care are to be paid for even when the claimant was at fault. For instance, if someone was careless with machinery, he or she still qualifies for benefits.

There are exceptions, however. If the person was intoxicated by alcohol or another mind-altering drug, the claim may justifiably be denied. Anyone needing help with a claim dispute may start with the Block, Klukas, Manzella & Shell, P.C. today.

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