Qualifying for SSI benefits as a dependent in Ohio

by | Oct 16, 2015 | Lawyers

For families who receive social security disability benefits from the SSA, the constant worry of whether or not they will have adequate funds for their family becomes a true source of stress. However, many may not realize that they can receive benefits for their children alongside their own reward from the SSA. Knowing if you qualify for this option can greatly increase your monthly budget, and quality of life.

Thankfully, in many cases where you qualify for social security disability benefits, your children will qualify for some sort of benefits alongside you. No matter whether the child in question is biological, adopted, or a stepchild, the benefits can still be gained. Additionally, some grandchildren can even receive benefits in some cases if they are dependent of the person receiving social security disability benefits.

Overall there are three qualifications that the child must meet:

    They must be unmarried.

•    They must be under the age of 18, or between 18-19 and be a full-time student.

    If they have a disability as well that started before the age of 22, they may be eligible for benefits past the age of 18.

In relation to the full-time student option, the child will be able to receive benefits either until they graduate, or until two months after they turn 19. Whichever of these options occurs first will become the effective cut-off date.

For many people looking into this topic, they will want to know more about how many children can receive these benefits alongside them, and how much they can be awarded at once. In general, every qualified child can receive benefits of up to half of your initial amount, but a cap does exist on the overall amount one family may receive in social security disability benefits from the SSA.

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