Protecting Your Rights With a Child Custody Lawyer in Spokane, Washington

by | Jul 15, 2015 | Lawyers

One of the most difficult moments of an adult life is when a marriage dissolves and a divorce becomes the only solution. This loss of trust and love is devastating, but it can be made even more so when a child custody battle ensues as a result of the marital disagreements. It is possible for couples to amicably decide on a custody arrangement, but that is often not the case. For many, custody becomes a battle and any parent that hopes to keep primary care of their children needs to be aware of what will be considered in this type of case.

When hiring a Child Custody Lawyer Spokane WA parents will have a valuable resource available to them. They can make it possible for them to understand the laws surrounding this issue and provide valuable information about what to expect in court and what can legally be attained. However, caring for a child is more than just following laws. There are many things that a family court may consider beyond just legal issues.

Courts want to know that children are in safe, nurturing homes. This means custodial parents should be able to prove they are involved in the lives of their children. They should know their kids likes and dislikes and be aware of their daily schedules. There should be a high degree of knowledge regarding their health and well-being and a dedication to make certain the children are happy and healthy.

Parents need to be able to prove they are able to provide a safe home for their children. They do not need to be the wealthier of the two parents to be the primary caregiver, but they must be able to provide the basics. This includes a safe home, suitable meals and the access to education and health care. Visit website for more details.

With the help of a Child Custody Lawyer Spokane WA parents can provide the proof of their parenting skills and the strength of the relationship with their children. They can help to gain or keep custody, ensure that child support is sufficient and assist with all the other details of the case. Contact Cooney Law Offices to learn more about what your options may be regarding your own custody case.

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