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Preparing for the Future with Land Trust Asset Protection in Las Vegas, NV

Individuals often spend their lifetime building wealth in the hope of passing it on to their heirs, only to learn they failed to plan properly, and this money may be eaten up by estate taxes. All too often, people hear horror stories of those who failed to plan their estate correctly only to end up in this situation. With the help of Land Trust Asset Protection Las Vegas NV, this doesn’t have to be an issue, as this type of trust not only help to protect heirs from taxation issues, but also from bankruptcy and divorce complications.

This type of trust may be referred to by a lawyer as a domestic asset protection trust, yet both function in exactly the same way. An attorney needs to be involved in the creation of the trust, however, as it must meet certain requirements. It must be spendthrift and irrevocable, and there must be a minimum of one resident trustee appointed. Under state law, the trustee and settlor cannot be one and the same, and a portion of the administration of the trust has to be conducted in the respective state. A failure to meet any one of these requirements will make the trust invalid.

There are numerous benefits associated with Land Trust Asset Protection Las Vegas NV. First and foremost, the state doesn’t impose any personal or corporate income tax and a spendthrift trust, when properly formed, cannot be taxed by other states, so long as this trust is qualified to do business in those states. Only federal income tax may be imposed in this situation. Beneficiaries may be changed at any time, without notification, and the rights and privileges of the trust aren’t dependent on court interpretations or decisions when it comes to the trust’s validity. These are only a few of the many benefits of establishing this type of trust.

Contact Grant Morris Dodds or click here to learn more about asset protection options. Estate planning takes time and involves numerous complex laws. Individuals need to ensure they are protecting their wealth for future generations, and an experienced lawyer is of great help in ensuring this. Make an appointment today, as one never knows what the future holds. Now is the time to plan for this reason.

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