Order of Protection Lawyer in Suffolk County NY Helps Citizens Understand How the Law Can Be Abused

by | Mar 5, 2015 | Law

Domestic violence is a crime that seems to have no prejudices regarding state, race, religion, gender or sexual orientation. It affects everyone. Oftentimes in a domestic violence situation, the courts must get involved to ensure the safety of the victim. In New York, this is known as an “order of protection.” An order of protection is also known as a restraining order in other places and is put in place, enforcing the offender to stay a certain distance away from the victim. Anyone who feels threatened in a given situation in New York may want to consult an Order of Protection Lawyer in Suffolk County NY.

In simple terms, an order of protection is a restraining document that is filed against a family member, relative, household member or someone of that nature. It is drafted for the purpose of protecting the victim (the one who was or is being assaulted) from the offender (the one who is doing the assaulting). The specifics of the order of protection decree vary according to the specific needs and requirements of the victim. Not only is the offender or abuser required to maintain a certain distance from the victim, but may also be ordered to refrain from phone calls, text messages, email, fax, video chats, or any form that may be deemed as possible contact.

Unfortunately, the order of protection decrees are often abused as sometimes people will use it to get even with one another. Such an act is an abuse of the legal system and if involved in the court system, a potential cause for contempt of court. An Order of Protection Lawyer in Suffolk County NY understands this cruel scenario all too well and represent clients involved in false allegations of domestic violence. Sometimes the decree is valid, but other times, it is simply a vessel to bring punitive action against a loved one.

The Law Office of Mitchell M. Shapiro handles family law cases, including the order of protection cases which are unwarranted. The office also provides legal direction concerning civil suits, criminal cases, divorces and other areas of family law.

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