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Injury Help from an Accident Lawyer in King George VA

Auto accidents are a primary cause of injuries in the US. Over 5.5 million accidents were reported in 2012; of those, over 30,000 involved fatalities and 1.6 million involved serious injuries. The damage left by an accident can be monumental, and the economic cost can be staggering. While injuries vary by person and by circumstance, some are fairly common. This article offers a general review of the most common auto accident injuries.

Back and Head Injuries

Head injuries are some of the most serious accident-related issues. Seated passengers and drivers in crashes can hit their heads against windows, dashboards and other parts. Traumatic brain injuries can result, ranging from concussions to permanent cognitive problems. Extensive medical care is often required.

Back injuries are also quite common. Damage to the spine can cause severe nerve damage, and patients can lose feeling in their extremities. Serious spinal injuries can leave people paralyzed for life. Herniated disks, while less severe, are common and can still cause problems such as muscle weakness and tingling sensations.

Chest and Neck Injuries

The most well-known auto accident harm is whiplash, which is a sudden neck and head movement. Whiplash can cause damage to neck muscles and ligaments, and injuries can vary from one person to another. Generalized pain I s common, and vocal cord issues are often seen.

Other serious injuries involve the chest. Blunt trauma from accidents can collapse lungs and break ribs, and people with heart troubles can go into cardiac arrest after an accident. Damage to the internal organs, the abdomen and the pelvis can occur, requiring immediate medical care.

Other Accident Injuries

Injuries to the hands, feet, legs and arms are quite common after car accidents. Pedestrians can see foot and leg injuries, in addition to all the injuries mentioned above. A motorcyclist ca suffer numerous, severe injuries such as ligament damage, broken bones and severed limbs. Fatality rates for motorcyclists are higher than those of passenger car drivers and riders.

Get Legal Help

If a person is injured in an auto accident, they should speak to an Accident Lawyer right away. An accident lawyer in king george va can evaluate a case’s strengths and weaknesses, and they can advise clients of their legal options. Those injured in an accident can make a recovery from the responsible party by filing an injury lawsuit with the help of an Accident Lawyer in King George VA area.

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