Identifying Accident Laws Through Personal Injury Attorneys In Olympia, WA

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Washington’s state laws indicate that all personal injury victims forfeit their right to monetary damages if they don’t file prime to the third anniversary of their accident. This statute of limitation starts the day of the accident. It applies to all forms of personal injury litigation, including wrongful death lawsuits.

Understanding Comparative Fault

When insurance companies are unable to discredit a personal injury claim, their next step is to attempt to prove that the victim is partially at fault. Through comparative fault laws, any victim who is deemed at least fifty percent at fault for their own injuries won’t receive monetary damages. For example, a car accident victim who was caught speeding during the time the accident occurred is also at fault. If the defendant proves that these actions caused the chain of the event that led to the accident, they don’t receive damages.

With comparative fault, a percentage is applied based on the actions of the victim. If a fault is proven, the damages that he or she would have received are reduced by this percentage. Any accident victim that knows they were partially at fault should discuss these probabilities with Personal Injury Attorneys in Olympia WA.

When Dog Bites Inflict Injuries

The state of Washington abides by the one-bite ruling. Victims who sustain one bite cannot file a claim unless the injuries are extensive. Alternately, any pet owner who knowingly keeps a dog that has been ruled a danger to society is liable. The state can fine them for harboring an unsafe animal or impose criminal negligence charges if a fatality occurred. If an incident was reported previously in which the animal attacked a human, there is a higher probability of the court ordering the pet owner to euthanize the animal.

Personal injury claims must follow all guidelines recognized in the state of Washington. Injury victims must prove that the identified incident produced their injuries through a witness in some cases. Additionally rulings apply to cases against government employees or agencies. To make distinctions about further guidelines or laws that apply to your case contact Personal Injury Attorneys in Olympia WA or Visit Putnam Lieb Potvin immediately.

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