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Can A Lawyer Be Of Help When Claim For Social Security Disability Benefits?

Any claim for Social Security disability benefits is complex and in the majority of cases goes through a number of stages before it finally is approved. Each step of the process from the initial application all the way through to US district court if necessary gets more and more difficult, dealing with this is certainly not the domain of a layman, especially when the applicant is either physically or mentally disabled.

Right from the outset when the initial application is being prepared the use of a disability claim lawyer can be the difference between acceptance and denial. Social Security is like a minefield to those not familiar with the myriad of rules, regulations and laws; most people only know that they pay into Social Security through their FICA taxes and they know little more than one day they will retire and get their money back in the way of a monthly benefit, they never think how hard it is to get benefits if they become disabled. If you hire a disability claim lawyer from the outset there is a better chance of being approved, the attorney is well versed with all the rules and regulations, knows the deadlines for certain actions that must be taken and the penalties for missing them. A seasoned lawyer knows what the SSA are looking for based on multiple experiences with the Administration.

Of all the applications for disability benefits about three quarters are denied. A denial leads to a series of appeals, when this happens a disability claim lawyer can tip the scales in your favor.

A seasoned lawyer who deals with Social Security disability claims can be of tremendous assistance. Bear in mind that the SSA is a federal government agency and you know that anything to do with the federal government is fraught with regulations governing it. There are very few laypeople who would stand any chance of preparing for a hearing in the presence of an administrative judge, a lawyer on the other hand is fully aware of the requirements and certainly is not intimidated by the proceedings. A disability claim lawyer knows what evidence will help win benefits for their client and what won’t.

Lawyers who deal with Social Security claims prepare your case long before you head into the hearing, they know what questions to expect to hear from the administrative judge and they know what honest answers the judge expects to hear.

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