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FAQs That A Mediation Attorney In Mankato, MN Can Answer

In Minnesota, divorce cases may require additional steps to achieve finalization, and the court provides measures that can reduce the potential for a divorce trial. However, the couple must agree to participate in these measures and comply with laws that are associated with them. A mediation attorney in Mankato, MN can provide answers to frequently asked questions about these processes.

Why Is Mediation Started?

Mediation is started as a measure to achieve an agreement between the spouses after the divorce has been contested, and it requires both spouses and their attorneys to attend. The process involves several meetings that present the opportunity to settle differences between the spouses. It is not an option for delaying or preventing the divorce.

How Long Does Mediation Last?

The process can take several hours each day for a period of weeks or months, and the required duration depends on how well the couple can find solutions to the issues that are stalling the divorce. The couple can schedule mediation around their work schedule, and in some cases, it is possible for them to meet on weekends if necessary.

What Is Discussed During Mediation?

During mediation, the couples discuss the division of marital property, child custody, and the assignment of alimony. They will also identify assets that each party wants, and the couple will discuss arrangements for settling joint debts and managing tax returns for the current year and in the years that follow the divorce.

What Type of Protection Do Spouses Have During Mediation?

The spouses participate in mediation to provide them a venue in which to discuss their differences without hostility. They will meet in a neutral location in which outsiders cannot interfere in the process, and each party is advised of their rights. Any hostility or dangerous conditions can end the mediation process entirely.

In Minnesota, divorce cases may require additional proceedings before they are finalized, and a contested divorce could initiate this process quickly. Each attorney will negotiate based on the requests of each party. Couples who need to discuss their case with a mediation attorney in Mankato, MN can visit right now.

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