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Injury victims who have been harmed because of an attack by a dog have rights which are protected under law. A dog owner must keep their dog on a leash and prevent them from causing harm to passersby. However there are some instances when even though every precaution has been taken, a dog bite still occurs. It is then that the assistance of a dog bite attorney Boston, MA injury victims need is required. The attorney will provide legal counsel, guidance, and assistance at every stage to resolve the case successfully.

Steps to take after a bite

A dog bite is a serious injury especially when the skin has been broken. After a dog bite it is important to seek out immediate medical care so that antibiotics can be placed on the wound. This will help to stop the spread of infection right away. Once you have been attended to by a medical professional, you will want to seek out the legal counsel of the best dog bite attorney Boston, MA has available. This is a professional who will work with you to affect the best outcome in your case.

Meeting with your attorney

Your attorney will meet with you or provide you with a phone consultation to discuss the details of your case. During the discovery phase, they will ascertain whether or not your case is viable and determine whether they can prove the negligence of the dog owner. If it is possible to prove this, the dog bite attorney Boston, MA professional will proceed with your case so that you can receive compensation for your injuries. You will also be eligible to be compensated for pain and suffering, lost wages, and medical bills.

How will your case be determined?

It can be confusing to understand exactly how your case will be determined when you are seeking legal assistance. With the “one bite rule”, the dog owner gets one chance to ensure their pet is not vicious. If after one bite, they do not place a muzzle on the dog or take the needed precautions, and the dog bites again, they will be held accountable.

A dog bite attorney Boston, MA professional will see to it that your rights are upheld. They will do everything possible to prove that negligence occurred in your case so that you can receive the rightful amount of compensation that you are due.

The Law Offices of Burton J. Hass provides comprehensive personal injury representation for injury victims in Boston, MA. If you need to consult with a dog bite attorney, contact us today.

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