Divorce Attorneys in Thiensville, WI may Help Clients Move on after Infidelity

by | Sep 1, 2015 | Divorce Attorney

Contrary to what many people believe, infidelity is not the leading cause of divorce in America. However, it is a very emotional situation that leads many couples to eventually end their marriage. Couples who cannot deal with the pain of infidelity through marriage counseling or reconnecting with each other without the help of a therapist need good divorce attorneys to ensure the marital property is separated equitably, despite their deep emotional issues. Couples can trust that divorce attorneys in Thiensville, WI will counsel a cheating spouse not to give away all of his or her marital assets just because of guilt.

Absent a prenuptial agreement, division of property in a divorce is either decided by agreement between the spouses or by the distribution of property guidelines set by the state. In nearly every situation, it is less costly for the former couple to agree to the terms of their divorce without involving a judge. The trial process can be long and usually requires expert witnesses and forensic accountants, both of which will have to be paid for out of the marital assets. Choosing to go into a trial instead of negotiating, simply due to anger, can be a very expensive decision.

The best divorce attorneys that Thiensville, WI, has to offer are skilled at negotiating and might work closely with the other spouse’s attorney to help their clients forge an agreement that is mutually beneficial. Instead of arguing over minor issues in court, skilled attorneys may help clients control their emotions so they can let go of some of the possessions they acquired over the course of the marriage in exchange for those that matter most to them. If there are minor children involved, a divorcing parent could benefit from working out a custody and visitation arrangement with their former partner. Mutually agreed upon custody arrangements are usually more flexible and meet the needs of the parents, as well as those of the children. Click here for more details about the professional divorce attorneys in Thiensville.

There’s no doubt infidelity can be stressful on a marriage and is a reasonable cause for divorce. However, before rushing into making decisions that could affect their lives for a long time, it’s essential to talk to an attorney from Fraker Law Firm, S.C., to learn about your rights to marital property and custody of the minor children.

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