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Creating A Health Care Directive With Online Living Will Lawyers In Rockland County, NY

New York estate owners should address their future health care requirements. Among the concepts they should review are what doctor should provide their care and who should manage their health care decisions when they can’t. Online Living Will Lawyers Rockland County NY help them set up a plan for these requirements.

What is a Health Care Directive

A health care directive is a living will essentially. It presents information about what type of health care to provide if the patient needs life saving measures. It addresses extraordinary measures and life support primarily. The directive determines at what point should life support end or if the senior wishes to for these services to be provided.

What is a Health Care Proxy

A health care proxy is an individual who makes decisions for the senior once they are incapacitated. This individual has the right to enforce the health care directive or make changes. If this individual is a family member they could initiate extraordinary measures to save the senior. While most proxies follow the directive as advised, they were appointed because the senior trusts their judgment.

Addressing the Need for a Power of Attorney

A power of attorney gives the individual the right to manage health care and the assets owned by the senior. A power of attorney allows this individual to pay the senior’s bills and use their assets as advised in the document. The senior may place limitations on this appointment. This could include requiring the individual to present receipts to the court to show how they are utilizing the seniors assets.

They could also prevent the individual from selling any of the senior’s property or assets for financial gain. The appointed individual maintains the power of attorney based on the schedule set up by the senior. They may require a family member to take over at a specific stage of life. This could include admission into a nursing home.

New York estate owners manage their future health care through directives and by using proxy. A directive outlines their wishes including what doctor they prefer. The proxy has control over the senior’s health care decisions. Estate owners who want to set up these plans should hire Online Living Will Lawyers Rockland County NY by contacting Mark Aberasturi today.

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