Truck Accidents In Easton PA Can Leave Individuals Severely Injured With Permanent Injuries

by | Nov 10, 2015 | Lawyers

Automobile accidents are bad enough, but a tractor trailer truck is added to that accident, serious injuries can occur. Truck Accidents in Easton PA are common on the highway. When an accident occurs that involves a truck, it’s important to contact an experienced attorney that has handled truck accidents in the past. Most truck accidents involve permanent injuries or even death to the occupants in an automobile involved. Permanent injuries could affect working. It could also affect the amount of healthcare and therapy that will be needed for the rest of an individual’s life.

Brain trauma often occurs in Truck Accidents in Easton PA. The sheer power of the truck in addition to the thousands of pounds each truck can be hauling is a cocktail for disaster with a car and its occupants. Truck drivers are regulated with this Commercial Driver’s License through Federal regulations. An example would be, they are only permitted to drive a limited amount of hours each day and are only permitted on duty for a total amount of hours. A truck driver’s log books should be accurate but many times they will not will be truthful. An experienced attorney can obtain the driver’s log book and determine if the truck driver was driving fatigued.

Tractor trailer trucks must also maintain a log of the maintenance on the truck. If a truck had problems with the brakes, lights and other maintenance on the truck that was not corrected, an attorney would be able to verify that type of information. The reason to hire an attorney is very simple. An accident victim who was negligently injured is legally entitled to payment of medical bills, lost wages and pain and suffering from the accident. For an individual that is primary wage earner in a home, their ability to not work for several weeks or possibly forever could destroy a family. Only an experienced attorney can examine the evidence and offer a free consultation of an injured party’s evidence. The attorney will offer the legal advice that is needed to make a sound decision for the injured party. For more information about trucking accidents, feel free to read the full info here.

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