A Truck Accident Injury Attorney in Gonzales, LA Represents Clients in Cases Involving Stimulant Drug Use

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Truck driver fatigue plays an important role in collisions caused by these workers, and so does the use of stimulants. A reasonable amount of caffeine is not a problem, but drivers who use stronger stimulants or ingest excessive amounts of caffeine may have impaired judgment and behave more aggressively. A truck accident injury attorney in Gonzales, LA represents clients who have been seriously injured in a collision with a big rig.

Stimulant Use

Not all truckers use stimulants and most who do simply rely on a thermos of coffee or a few cans of soda as they travel their route. Others, however, begin taking caffeine pills or obtaining prescription-strength stimulants illegally to combat their fatigue and boredom. Drugs prescribed for attention deficit hyperactivity disorder are relatively easy to obtain. Some drivers have tested positive for cocaine or crystal meth after an accident.

Relevant Research

One study reviewed the results of truckers who had been tested for drug use, finding that about four percent of them tested positive for the stronger stimulants. Further investigation found that truckers who tested positive had a higher number of infractions on their driving records. The probability of this group of workers performing an unsafe driving action was nearly 80 percent higher than among truckers not using strong stimulant drugs.

Negative Effects of Stimulant Drugs

Stimulants keep truck drivers awake and more alert, but they can also have negative effects on judgment, concentration, and mood. Drivers can feel jittery and anxious. Because stimulants significantly decrease appetite, the worker may not bother eating and then feel light-headed and shaky while behind the wheel. All of these factors can lead to unsafe behaviors. A truck accident injury attorney in Gonzales, LA represents individuals who have been harmed under these circumstances.

Legal Representation

When truck drivers are under pressure to pick up loads and make deliveries under tight, unreasonable deadlines, they may turn to drugs that help them stay awake and alert. If a truck driver causes a collision, an injured person may contact a law firm such as Pujol, Pryor & Irwin for assistance in obtaining compensation. Get more information at the website.

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