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A Look at Recklessness and Unlawful Ignorance With a Criminal Law Firm

A Criminal Law Firm can win a case for their client almost solely on the intent of the crime and the level of recklessness involved. The action of the crime is bad, but the end result is not always cut-and-dry. Recklessness and intent are at the heart of a typical criminal case and they can turn a small consequence into a massive one.

What Is Recklessness?
Recklessness is defined as an understanding of the potential consequences of an action, yet the intent to do it anyway. Everyone knows that driving 115 down the highway runs the risk of crashing into a school bus of children. That possibility is always there. The criminal did the action anyway, and the end result may be clean. But, that element of recklessness is factored in.

They Didn’t Know
There is another argument made in criminal court that is becoming commonly used. A client may argue that they did not know their actions would harm others. This could be considered good old-fashioned ignorance. Is it viable in the court of law? Rarely, partly because it is based on the presumption that everyone needs to know every single law in the books to act accordingly. It brings a shaky basis to a case that may create a point of no return.

A client could argue, “they did not know.” It may raise some eyebrows in the court because there are not many situations where endangering lives is “not a known factor.” Did the client suppose no one could be around? Did they commit the crime in their home, alone, locked in a closet?

Of course, the right kind of criminal law firm will never recommend a client to say that they did not know it was a crime or that their behaviour would harm others. They will, on the other hand, recommend an acknowledgement of their reckless behaviour. Courts will traditionally favour someone who embraces their mistakes instead of running away from them. But, all of this is speculative, so reach out to website to discover the ins and outs of a criminal case and find the right tone to maximize the potential for success.

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