Your Family Court Lawyer in Suffolk County NY Will Protect You

by | Sep 6, 2014 | Lawyers

If you have recently been involved in a divorce, you know that your life is completely turned upside down right now. You are no longer living in the same home. You have more free time than you know what to do with. Not to mention, you haven’t been able to spend a lot of time with your kids. If this is a concern for you, set up an appointment with a Family Court Lawyer in Suffolk County NY.

By taking the opportunity to meet with a lawyer about your situation, you may be able to increase the amount of time that you are spending with your children. Usually, the average visitation is every other weekend and one night during the week. However, there are ways that you can go about spending more time if you feel as if you aren’t getting enough time with your kids.

Maybe you are the custodial parent and you haven’t been able to collect child support. If this were the case, your Family Court Lawyer in Suffolk County NY would be able to help you. Your lawyer will work hard to make sure that you are collecting a monthly child support check each and every month. In some situations, you may have to have it automatically deducted from the paycheck of your former spouse. This is also something that your lawyer can help you with.

Just because you are going through a rough time, it doesn’t mean that you don’t still have legal rights. Don’t allow your former spouse to push you around. There are certain things that they are legally entitled to do for you. If they are not paying their child support or their alimony, get on the phone with a Family Court Lawyer in Suffolk County NY. This way, you can have the protection that you need so that you can move forward with your life. If you have a lawyer on your side, this process will go so much easier. Set up an appointment as soon as you possibly can. This way, your lawyer can get started with the necessary paperwork and hopefully help you with everything that you are legally entitled to.



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