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Why You Should Hire a Drug Offense Lawyer as Soon as Possible

Many people don’t think about hiring a drug offense lawyer until they are the subject of charges and an arrest. Yet, the initial investigation and arrest are the most important times of a drug-related case. Thus, it can be beneficial to hire an attorney whenever you suspect you are under investigation. Learn more about the importance of taking action.

You Might Face More Time

Drug convictions are often accompanied by long sentences. Therefore, if you are accused of drug-related activity, speak to a San Antonio drug lawyer right away. You need to know what sort of evidence the police intend to use against you. This can help you determine how serious the offense is, and what the penalty might be. It also gives your attorney an opportunity to negotiate early on to avoid higher penalties.

Property Forfeiture Issues

If you are a suspect in a drug-related crime and own property, beware. The government has the ability to confiscate your personal property to use as evidence. The same applies to real property. To protect your property interests, speak to a lawyer as soon as possible to learn about the options.

Criminal Gang Considerations

If you are a known member of a criminal gang, it is crucial that you work with an attorney in a drug case. Gang affiliation can result in significantly increased penalties. Speak openly and confidentially with a San Antonio drug lawyer to find out where you stand.

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