Why Do You Need a Family Lawyer in Salina KS If You’re Not Married?

by | Oct 8, 2014 | Bankruptcy Law

If you’re not married, but you have a child together and you want to separate from your partner, it may seem like it’s easier because you won’t have to have a divorce. Unfortunately, you’re not going to be able to skip having a legal document created that helps you and your spouse decide on issues related to your child. After all, you both have an equal amount of rights to the child, unless a judge has decided otherwise.

Even if you’re not married, it’s a good idea to hire a Family Lawyer in Salina KS. Your lawyer will help you draw up documents pertaining to child custody, child support and child visitation. These are all important, as they say who is able to make legal and medical decisions for the child, if one party has to pay child support, and if one parent is not the custodial parent, what rights they have for visitation. This means that if you have custody of the child and your ex takes the child and doesn’t return them on time, you can call the police if needed to have your child returned to you. You cannot do this without a custody and visitation agreement in place.

If you and your partner agree on everything, this can be a very easy process and your Family Lawyer in Salina KS can have the paperwork drawn up quickly. If you do not agree on everything, your lawyer can work with theirs to figure out a solution. If the negotiations aren’t successful, your case may go before the judge. Your lawyer can let you know what’s going on with your case so you know what is going to happen as the case progresses further.

Even though it may seem easier to separate from a partner if you’re not married, if you have a child in common you’re going to want to have a lawyer help you with the important decisions that need to be made. This way, you can be sure that everything is filed with the courts and you have a way to get what you need if something happens. IF you’re in need of a family lawyer, you may want to Contact Hampton And Royce L.C. Today.

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