Why a Consumer Should Hire Personal Injury Attorneys in Vail

by | Feb 2, 2016 | Personnel Injury

Colorado consumers expect the products they buy to perform as advertised. This includes the assumption that the product of choice is safe and won’t lead to injury. When this isn’t the case and the consumer becomes injured, it is personal injury attorneys in Vail who help them correct this injustice.

Injured by a Trusted Product

Manufacturers are required to report any potential risks associated with their product through warning labels. If the product doesn’t present this information, the manufacturer is liable for failing to warn the public. At any time that the court proves that the manufacturer had previous knowledge of risks and didn’t address them, they are guilty of a product’s liability. Victims who suffered due to these risks should contact an attorney immediately.

Filing a Report with the Consumer Rights Protection Agency

After securing an attorney, the consumer should file a report with the Consumer Rights Protection Agency. This agency manages occurrences in which manufacturers failed to produce consumers with high quality, safe products. The agency examines the product in question and launches an investigation if further information is needed.

Preventing Further Injuries

If the Consumer Rights Protection Agency identifies a serious flaw with the product, they initiate a product recall. This process requires the manufacturer to notify all consumers that their product isn’t safe. The manufacturer is required to provide a refund or to repair the product according to the stipulations of the recall. A recall is to prevent any further injuries after these risks are identified.

Fighting for Compensation

An attorney helps consumers who are injured to file a lawsuit against the manufacturer. The lawsuit demands compensation for all medical treatment needed by the consumer. It also provides recovery for any lost wages that accumulated during the treatment of these injuries.

Colorado consumers need legal assistance when they sustain product-related injuries. They should also file a report with the Consumer Rights Protection Agency. This action could lead to the discovery of more injured consumers and require a product recall. Consumers who need legal assistance should hire personal injury attorneys in Vail by contacting Heckman & O’Connor today.

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