When to Hire a Family Law Attorney in Winnebago County

by | Feb 8, 2023 | Lawyers

Some family matters should always be handled by a family law attorney in Winnebago County. Here are some situations when it’s best to hire an attorney.

You Want to File for Divorce

Filing for divorce is complex, whether you have children or not. However, when children are involved, you want to make sure you have an attorney on your side who can help you navigate all the forthcoming steps. They can answer your questions about child custody, spousal payments, and more.

Attorneys also help their clients request or set up alimony payments. If you were financially dependent on your spouse during your marriage, you might be entitled to some support for a period following the divorce. Family law attorneys can go over the situation with you and guide you accordingly.

You Need a Prenuptial Agreement

Maybe you’re not planning to get divorced but planning to marry instead. Many people choose to create prenuptial agreements to protect their pre-marital assets and determine how they’ll be divided should divorce happen. Prenuptial agreements have gotten bad raps in the past, but people who have built substantial wealth or had a bad divorce before want to make sure their interests are protected the next go around.

Whether you’re getting a divorce, have questions about child custody, need a prenuptial agreement drawn up, or you’ve been involved in domestic abuse, hiring a family law attorney in Winnebago County is the way to go. To schedule a consultation, contact Crosby & Crosby LLP Attorneys at Law.

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