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When Animals Attack! Get Help from A Professional: Attaining Fair Compensation For Dog Bites

Dogs are loved by many and are just about the most popular household pet. Regrettably, some dogs are owned for the wrong reasons. There are home-owners that might have what is better defined as a watchdog. They may keep the dog in the yard for long periods of time as a deterrent, should anyone intrude on their property. Dogs living in these conditions might have little interaction with their owner or other human beings. They are more susceptible to being hostile to strangers. An unfriendly dog can be a danger to people nearby if it gets loose.

There are rigid owner liability laws in numerous states across the country. These rules apply to dogs that are evidently aggressive and dogs that have never behaved in such a manner. Other states have a one-bite law. Terms of one bite liability states that the owner had previous knowledge that the dog is inclined to behave that way when in close contact with a person. Liability is often times clear in these cases, but a fair settlement is not always achieved without a lawyer.

Victims of a dog bite who did not incite such behaviour can be represented by a dog bite lawyer to counterpoise opposing forces. Legal representation for the owner of the dog might try to defend the case with reasons why the bite victim holds culpability. They may try to challenge the facts that prove liability and might try to defend the case saying the dog never showed signs of aggression. The merit of the one bite rule is questionable because it says the owner has to know the dog is dangerous. Error comes in when it’s hard to prove there was prior knowledge.

If the dog owner denies liability, a judge makes a final decision based on the information given. A skilled lawyer gathers all the necessary information to present a case that’s coherent to the legal system. A dog that turbulently runs, barks, and growls at every person that walks by is considered a threat. This is the case even when the dog is fenced. Impulsive actions like that are reason enough to believe that the fence is the only thing stopping the dog from charging at someone. Those who need to try an owner for liability can contact an experienced dog bite attorney.

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