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What You Need to Know and Do after Being Injured on the Job in Tupelo, MS

Suffering a workplace injury is a difficult experience to endure. While you try to heal, you may not understand your rights. A workers compensation lawyer in Tupelo MS can help you through the process.

It can be scary and confusing if your employer disputes your claim or the insurance company refuses to pay the claim. Knowing what to expect may ease some of your concerns.

Eligibility Requirements for Workers’ Comp Benefits

Specific eligibility requirements to draw workers’ comp benefits include:

• Your employer has workers’ compensation insurance coverage.
• You are a full-time, part-time, seasonal or temporary employee.
• Your injury occurred during job-related duties. In some cases, injuries that happen offsite while you are performing work duties may still qualify as job-related.

Injuries Covered

Common workplace injuries and illnesses covered under workers compensation typically apply to five categories:

• Falls
• Slips and falls
• Repetitive motion
• Manual material handling
• Motor vehicle accidents

Of the five categories, falls are a common occurrence. Workers may suffer broken bones or traumatic brain injuries. Unsafe work conditions, carelessness and defective equipment are the main causes.

No matter the injury you have suffered, a workers compensation lawyer in Tupelo MS can help you get a fair settlement.

What to Do After an Injury

Immediately after getting injured at work, you should notify your direct supervisor. The state has a mandated time-frame. Failing to report an injury or illness in time may forfeit your rights to a claim.

Hiring Wheeler & Franks Law Firm PC strengthens the chance of receiving your entitled benefits. Our lawyers will guide you through the process. Contact Business Name for more information!

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