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What You Need to Know About Your Legal Rights in a Criminal Case

In the United States, you are considered innocent until proven guilty. If you are charged with violating Texas or federal law, it is a good idea to call a San Antonio criminal defense attorney. He or she can help to ensure that police officer and prosecutors abide by the law throughout the legal process.

Did the Officer Tell You About Your Rights?

You have the right to remain silent at all times during the legal process. This means that you don’t have to talk to the police or testify at your trial. Furthermore, you have the right to hire an attorney or have one appointed to you. If the officer who takes you into custody doesn’t inform you of these rights, it could poison any evidence used at trial.

Was a Warrant Obtained Before a Search?

Officers and others generally need a warrant before searching your home or electronic devices. A warrant may also be needed to search your car, but this may not be the case if there is probable cause to do so. For example, if an officer sees a gun or an open container of beer in the center console, that may be enough to search the vehicle with or without your permission. However, if authorities don’t get a warrant or permission to conduct a search, any evidence obtained could be suppressed by a judge.

Is the Jury Pool Tainted?

Your San Antonio criminal defense attorney could call the process of selecting a jury into question. This may occur if details about the case were made available online or through other news outlets. Your lawyer may also cast doubt upon how the jury was constructed before a trial starts or after a verdict is rendered.

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