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What To Expect From A Social Security Lawyer

Social Security is a program of the US Federal Government. The intention of the program is to provide cash benefits for people who have reached full retirement age and those that cannot work because they have a physical or mental disability. A Social Security lawyer in Chicago is a legal professional that has tailored their law practice around providing assistance for those who are claiming disability benefits. The attorney uses his or her in-depth knowledge of the complex rules, regulations, laws and procedures that surround the program to help those making their initial application but more often they are called for to assist an applicant who was denied benefits.

Unless a case is absolutely cut and dried the chances of an application being approved without a significant amount of supporting evidence is rare. When the initial application is first received by the SS administration it is subjected to a very strict review to determine that the applicant is truly unable to perform any substantial work and that the claim is valid. To do this the administration demands that the applicant provides full information on their medical condition as well as their work history which details their duties and responsibilities. A Social Security lawyer knows exactly what evidence the SS administration is looking for, they can work along with the applicant providing advice and guidance.

Statistically some 70 to 75 percent of all first time applications for disability benefits result in denial. This is where a Social Security lawyer in Chicago becomes a tremendous asset. Knowing the appeals process, the lawyer can file a request for reconsideration even knowing that in 90 percent of the time it too results in denial. The majority of appeals go through to a hearing which takes place in the presence of an administrative law judge. When the applicant and lawyer are in front of the administrative law judge this is the first and only time when there is an opportunity for real dialogue, it is at this hearing that the applicant can argue their case most effectively, providing plenty of proof that supports the claim. If the applicant and lawyer are so inclined it is at this hearing that they can introduce expert witnesses that will testify to the extent of the disability and render their opinion on the anticipated length of time it may last.

Many denials of benefits are overturned at this stage and the applicant is awarded benefits, however, there are times when the decision is not in favor of the disabled person. If the results of the hearing are not positive the applicant and the Social Security lawyer in Chicago can appeal to an Appeals Council. The task of the Appeals Council is to carefully review the findings of everyone who has been involved in the case to date and make a ruling. In the event this level of appeal also results in denial of benefits the applicant can sue in a district court.

Applying for disability benefits is complex and can be frustrating, the appeals process even more so. If you are going to apply for disability benefits it is recommended that you contact a Social Security lawyer in Chicago. Discuss your case with Spector & Lenz, P.C. by contacting them at

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