What does a matrimonial law firm do?

by | Jul 7, 2014 | Law

A matrimonial law firm on Long island deals with all matter of family law and handles the legal affairs of people with a familial relationship. Anyone in a family group can be represented by a family law attorney including husbands, wives, children, elders and guardians as well as domestic partners. A matrimonial law firm on Long Island deals with a variety of legal issues including divorce, legal separation, pre and post nuptial agreements, child custody and support and alimony. The same law firm will often be involved with adoption, paternity and juvenile delinquency.

Perhaps the main issues that are handled by a matrimonial law firm on Long Island are divorces and legal separations. In a divorce case it is usual for each party to be represented by their own lawyer, the lawyers will work with their clients, attempting to divide the marital property, settle any issues concerning child custody, lay out visitation rights and attempt to allocate an amount of monies for child support or alimony. If the issues cannot be settled to the liking of the parties then the case will normally go before a divorce court judge who will issue a final order that deals with all these any other factors.

Although most couples seek the assistance of a matrimonial law firm on Long Island when they wish to terminate their marriage they also will seek the same attorney in good times. If, for example the couple are hoping to adopt a child they will be faced with a great deal of documentation and will have to go through a number of steps before the adoption can be legalized. The attorneys will help the couple work their way through the myriad of laws and stipulations that affect the outcome. In some states the natural parents are obliged to give up their parental rights while in other jurisdictions the natural parents retain some rights to the child.

The matrimonial attorney will often be called upon to draft a document that deals with preventing issues in the future. Many couples prior to marriage create a pre-nuptial agreement that specifies how assets will be divided if in the future they should divorce. Other couples will create a post-nuptial agreement that goes further, it specifies the disposition of assets but also how child custody and visitation rights should be handled. It may also be possible at this time to set up trust funds for the children or a spouse.

If you are having family issues including a divorce, child custody, child support, etc you will need to be represented by a matrimonial law firm on Long Island. You are invited to contact Jaspan Schlesinger Law Firm. The Firm provides full service legal representation and experience covering numerous areas of law and business.

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