What Can You Expect From an Estate Planning Service in Bel Air MD?

by | Aug 12, 2015 | Lawyers

Estate planning is something many people do not even consider until they reach their forties or fifties. In reality, it is important people begin estate planning as early as their twenties. Once a person marries or has children, estate planning becomes crucial. To ensure an estate plan is properly formed and legally binding, it can be beneficial for people to seek the help of a lawyer. A lawyer can help through every aspect of Estate Planning service in Bel Air MD.

Estate planning encompasses several important steps, depending on whether or not the person is married and has children. The first step in beginning the process is to meet with an attorney. An attorney can help in gathering the necessary information that is needed to fill out all of the estate documents.

Creating a will is the first part the attorney will help with and this is also one of the most important. A will states who a person wishes to take ownership of their property. It also states who will be granted guardianship of any minor children. Once the will is drawn up, the attorney will assist a client in making a health care directive that includes a power of attorney. A health care directive is also referred to as a living will. It states whether or not life-saving methods should be used to extend life and who will have control in making important decisions should a person no longer be able to.

The final wishes of the person will also be put in writing. This will state how a person wants their funeral to be conducted and where they want to be buried. The attorney can help the client set up a funeral expense account and will also help in filling out beneficiary forms.

Though Estate Planning service in Bel Air MD takes time, it is a necessary step for anyone who owns any property or has a family. If an estate plan is not in effect, it will be up to the state to make the decisions on who gets what property and who is given guardianship of any children.

Those who are in need of estate planning services should contact The office of Michael S. Birch Attorney at Law right away. He will be happy to help people through their estate planning so they can rest assured everything is in order.

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