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What Applies to Pedestrian Accidents in Oahu?

In Hawaii, pedestrians could become involved in an auto accident when they enter dangerous roadways. All vehicle drivers are required to pay close attention to crosswalks as they travel down these roadways to mitigate the risk of an accident. A local personal injury attorney can provide answers about pedestrian accidents in Oahu.

What Laws Apply to Pedestrians Crossings?

All vehicles must yield the right of way for all pedestrians utilizing a crosswalk. This law applies to parking lots as well as all roadways, and the driver could incur a $97 fine for violating it. If these circumstances apply in a pedestrian accident, the driver is accountable for the pedestrian’s injuries. For this reason, they could face a personal injury claim if the victim doesn’t receive compensation through an insurance claim.

Does a Comparative Fault Ruling Apply in These Cases?

Yes, pedestrians must also obey traffic laws, and they cannot cross major roadways until the traffic stops. Failure to obey these laws could present a comparative fault, and the victim could be deemed at fault for their injuries. Ultimately, this leads to reductions in their monetary award based on their percentage of the blame.

How Can Victims Identify a Hit and Run Driver?

The attorney reviews the area in which the accident occurred to determine if any surveillance cameras caught footage of the accident. They could acquire the footage from nearby stores and traffic cameras. Any footage that can help identify the driver is turned over to law enforcement since leaving the scene of an accident is a crime in Hawaii.

Is There a Penalty for Pedestrians Who Violate Traffic Laws?

Yes, any pedestrian that doesn’t wait for the crosswalk indicator and crosses unlawfully could incur penalties based on these actions. The current fine for the violation is $70.

In Hawaii, pedestrians could become involved in a car accident based on their actions or the actions of auto drivers. Laws apply to how and when a pedestrian can cross the street and when an auto driver must yield the right of way. Victims of pedestrian accidents in Oahu can visit to learn more about these laws today.

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